Here at Tinted Vintage Iowa we are committed to quality and consistency.  We use quality products from General Finishes for our backgrounds and American Paint Company Clay/Chalk/Mineral Based paints for the lettering.  Each sign is sealed with either a Polyurethane Satin/Gloss Sealer.  Sawtooth hangers are attached with a screw on the back for near perfect hanging capabilities.  This can be left off by request.

We understand that each and every person is unique in style and taste.  Because of this, special requests can be made to offer you exactly what you want in your project.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like different versions of a project and we would be glad to work with you in designing the best project to fit your style.

Please remember that all of our signs are assembled by hand here in Iowa.  100% of these items are handmade, handpainted, and shipped to your door.  Due to the nature of the wood, some natural occurring blemishes may occur.